Toward a human-centered robotized future

Expand the meaning of customer. Solve holistically.


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A specialized design method is key to success. Any automation design approach must drive out a comprehensive set of process automation requirements already. If we add to this a more holistic approach to address the need for innovation, addressing of human impacts, defining human-robotic collaboration, etc. then traditional approaches to automation design are just insufficent. Add to this challenge the need for a lean, low cost, fast-moving process and the challenge becomes greater. Add to this an ever-changing marketplace for automated solutions! Fortunately, Design Research / Design Thinking provides answers and Intriosity Automation Design uses a specialized set of these methods to address all of the above.

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New skills development is urgently important. With any evolution and significant upgrade in capabilities a new set of behaviors and skills are required. Creating a human-centered robotized future is no different. How could we expect effective human-robot collaborations without training workforces how to collaborate? Up-skilling is a better phrase for the requisite training than re-skilling as the experiences and backgrounds of people remain relevant and critical to success. When a specialized, aggregate workload assessment, and then training driven by this assessment, is applied the possibilities and results can be stunning. The workforce of the future, one that embraces automation and owns it's own productivity, must be developed to create these results.

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Customer outcomes should drive solutions. Sourcing becomes a more confident endeavor when the assessment of solutions, the path to the future, is based upon value creation and productivity improvement for customers, suppliers and employees (who are treated as customers whose needs are identified during visual process decomposition). Because automation problems are understood holistically through Intriosity Automation Design, automation solutions can be sourced that take into account and resolve the full set of needs - not just the process automation subset. The objective of sourcing is to create involvement in robotic solutions selection so everyone has a stake in growing results.