Intriosity was launched by Jeff Donaldson, founding management member and former CIO of GameStop, who automated complex processes and decision-making over the span of a decade in the airline industry prior to helping build GameStop from startup to Fortune 500 retailer. Through Intriosity, Donaldson has created a lean, humanistic way of designing automation that takes into account a fuller set of innovation needs and the impacts of automation to the workforce. The result of this work is Intriosity Automation Design, a set of specialized design methods that identifies how strategic robotics opportunities, and associated opportunities including artificial intelligence, can be identified and managed comprehensively as a transformation initiative. 


Donaldson also serves as an executive-in-residence at RevTech Ventures, a retail technology investment firm in Dallas, TX. Donaldson is a member of Northwestern University's Retail Analytics Council (RAC) Retail Robotics Initiative and a member of the SMU Design Council.


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