Accel Robotics

Accel Robotics is harnessing the power of computer vision and artificial intelligence to enable next generation experiences for commercial spaces. The Accel Robotics team of PhDs in Neuroscience and Computer Vision built a breakthrough Aura Perception engine that enables machines to see and understand the real world. Accel helps companies deliver smarter service by enabling grab and go commerce experiences and powering robotic shopping assistants. For more information on Accel Robotics click the image or to learn more about how AR and Intriosity are collaborating hit the Contact Intriosity button below to send an email.

Northwestern University Retail Analytics Council Retail Robotics Initiative

The goal of the Retail Robotics Initiative is to unite industry, academia, and investors around the common objective of advancing robotic and data applications in retail environments. The Northwestern Retail Analytics Council, formed and driven by Steven Platt's Platt Retail Institute, launched the Retail Robotics Initiative to help retailers in understanding the benefits associated with implementing robots into their stores and for process automation. For more information on the Robots in Retail Competition click the image or hit the Contact Intriosity button below to send an email.

RevTech, Retail Technology Ventures, is a leading venture accelerator seed fund dedicated to identifying and developing the best early-stage, high-growth ventures focused on tech and product innovation for restaurant, retail, grocery and hospitality. The Growth & Innovation Alliance provides a subscription service that delivers research, consumer experience insights, innovation intelligence, and technology scouting at a fraction of the cost of building these capabilities internally. RevTech's Growth & Innovation Alliance service generates monthly innovation trends reporting, quarterly summations, technology scouting on demand and engages to improve internal knowledge around the innovation and technology areas most important to a retailer's growth objectives. RevTech's Growth & Innovation Alliance service is delivered by RevTech staff and Executives in Residence who have experience across top retailers, early and venture investment, and consumer products innovation. For more information click the image or hit the Contact Intriosity button below to send an email.

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