Exploratory Sprint

Often, a "sprint" to explore automation feasibility, determine whether or not relevant benchmarks are available and quickly model automation scenarios helps to establish a path forward. An Exploratory Sprint is a way to quickly and inexpensively get to know the subject, reality and risks associated with automation and build confidence in Intriosity Automation Design. An Exploratory Sprint can be accomplished in as little as 5 days and no more than 15.

Automation Design

Intriosity Automation Design is a set of lean, specialized, design methods that create automation objectives, metrics, process visualizations, technology categorization, collaboration and oversight management design, specialized change management deliverables and solution requirements to drive sourcing. This method places automation within the context of consumer experience, labor productivity (outputs cost reduction) and core capability reinvention to ensure alignment with strategic growth objectives. 

Speaker Services

Intriosity's Founder and CEO Jeff Donaldson has spoken at events worldwide and loves to talk about the future of retail and how human-centered design, Continuous Design Research, effective workforce training on robotics, and robotic specializations will build this future. Donaldson is optimistic and believes that a holistic, humanistic approach to automation in retail, hospitality, restaurant, and grocery, including in their associated supply chains, can drive growth and deliver value to companies and their employees. There are historical analogies, historical precedents, and research that back this point of view and provide great background for keynotes, panels or for internal company education events. A movement is needed, education is needed, as well as, the organizational will to make it happen. The more the perspective is presented, the further along we'll get. Let us talk about it.

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